Eamonn Harnett


13/12/2016 - 01/03/2016

CIRCUMSTANCE - De Ateliers, Amsterdam.


We want a civilization that will move toward some more intimate relation with the
natural world, or... one that will continue to detach and isolate itself from both a
dependence upon and a sympathy with that community of which we were originally part.
Joseph Wood Krutch

My first contact with an altruist form were the tidepools filling the cavities of rocks
in South West of Ireland during my youth. Like a sheet of reflective glass the water
surface created a uniform distance. It is a biotope that one can never fully grasp or
take part in, unless the aim is to disturb, hold, separate and define.

My work creates a visual podium for several native and allochtoon species living
along the Dutch coast. Allochtoon is a Dutch word standing for all that emerges
from another soil. These species like botrylloides violaceus and Bispira polyomma
have migrated through boat traffic from the Pacific Ocean to the Oosterchelde
here in the Netherlands. It also follows the growth of several Seasquirts (part of
Tunicates animal kingdom) like B. violaceus. These are seen as the closest living
relative to vertebrates (mammals). The common characteristics between these
invertebrates as our ancestors and ourselves are seen during a relatively small
period of the life cycle, often the embryonic or larval stage. Seasquirts are shaped
not unlike a bagpipe: a sack with ingoing and outgoing syphon, filtering water and
feeding through its simple system. The orange B. Violaceus lives communally:
sharing an outer syphon and communal pathway through that water flows.

The species in question all have certain aspects beyond the human grasp, they
multiply within other sexual constructs, are part of human ancestry and exist as
potentially immortal. One has only recently been identified and given a taxonomic
position within our perception of the world.

Bispira polyomma

Actinia equine

Metridium senile

Cereus pedunculatus

Corella eumyota

Ciona intestinalis

Diplosoma listerianum

Ascidiella scabra

Styela clava

Ascidiella aspersa

Otrylloides violaceus

Psammechinus miliaris

Bryopsis plumosa

Littorina littorea

Urosalpinx cinerea

Patella vulgata

Ocenebra erinaceus






Installation view images: G.J. van Rooij